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There are numerous beings who silently play their roles and duties without catching our attention. Although the modern world has made us indifferent to the people around us however if we open our hearts and eyes to see their beautiful efforts, it helps us in tackling the doldrums in our lives with a better understanding.

The temperatures are on the rise in the city where i work and every day i see a security guard in a dark uniform in front of the office building. I feel sad  for him because he has to work in difficult conditions. He greets us with a smile at the gate – opens the zip of our laptop bags to take a quick look inside and says “Thank you” while we get inside the office.

whenever he gets some idle time his hands go for the packet of cigarettes in his pocket. I always do some chit chat with him during that short meeting every morning.

Sometimes i ask him “why you check our bags every day?”.

On some days i say “today i wont let you check my bag, i am in a hurry” and as expected, he always declines this offer with a wide smile.

Well, the point of writing these things down is to show that there is so much happiness and beauty hidden in every human being around us. If we let them feel comfortable – we can see many beautiful sides of them. I am sure he feels quite comfortable with me 🙂 Sometimes he makes fun of the fruits tucked in the side pocket of my bag or comments on the size of the bottle that i carry for water.

Yesterday I asked him why he smokes so much and his answer was “It’s too hot here, outside”

Damn! He should be a philosopher 🙂

So friends if you’ll look around you’ll also notice many people who seem less gifted or their life seems difficult but i’ll beg you to never look down upon them. Stop by their side sometimes to talk or just exchange a smile if you are in a hurry. They are very beautiful people. More beautiful and interesting than your expectations.

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The dentist inserted the needle three times in my gum – once inwards and twice outwards while pushing my lips aside with his thumb covered in white Nitrile glove.  Later when i reached my room after the treatment and as the evening delved in to the cold night it occurred to me as if i didn’t take those injections in my gum. Although the area around my tooth was still numb and swollen – i felt as if all that anesthesia seeped down to my heart and pushed me into a different state of mind.

Usually i avoid medication and try to let nature follow its course in the matters of health but as the dental treatment was a clear violation of the course of nature so i drank the milkshake and swallowed the pills as prescribed by the dentist.

Then i came to my mattress and slipped under the sheets. I was in a state where i was able to think but my emotions were dull. I opened my laptop to finish some lingering commitments – in the meanwhile i called Pop on Whatsapp and felt that she is sad so i left the work unfinished and asked her to call on  Skype. She is very dear to me and it was painful to see her sad so i implored her to tell me what’s making her feel so. She told me the reason of her sadness – it wasn’t something new – it was a quest that had made her feel bad before and now it was doing so again. I wanted to take her out of that situation but as i had told her before – i didn’t feel myself capable of doing so; and in short i failed again.

I understand that every one expects to be treated well and trusted however we don’t always meet the expectations. Sometimes due to our weaknesses and sometimes only due to ignorance. When we open ourselves to others its always a new experience – sometimes we get support or a better suggestion to cope up – sometimes we get the opposite of that and these responses vary from situation to situation. Sometimes we are not sure about the consequences and our baseless fears stop us from acting in the way people want us to act.

I was in a strange state of mind at that time – my mind was  lingering on the extent of loneliness of human beings. I was analyzing the human life as a whole and all i could see was the loneliness. I was seeing the selfishness that takes birth in us to cater our individuality. I realized that how close we may get to a person – how hard we may try to make  someone happy – still some rifts stay unbridgeable. Life has different layers. People who come across us for a short period – they see our outer most layer. The more we spend time with someone the more we are able to see the layers that lay below. These layers don’t end – a layer lies below every layer and if a person is able to reach its deepest layer it will find itself alone there.

Every person on the face of earth is unique. The surroundings and situations do mold us but still members of a family, pupils in a classroom  and residents of a city are different from each other in many ways. In fact it adds color to the life. The uniqueness of every individual keeps the world an interesting place with numerous possibilities. Likewise it’s wise to understand that our powers and limitations are also unique.

Our friends and family are more aware of our layers than the people who don’t know us and we are also familiar of their behaviors. It feels good to be with them because it eases our eternal anxiety that rises from the uncertainty. Therefore we feel comfortable in their presence. Although it is painful to fail our dear ones but we need to understand that we are not super humans and it is impossible to win all the time. Sometimes we have to realize our limitations and accept defeat. Similarly, we should understand the limitations of others and forgive.

It occurred to me that this understanding can be applied to many situations in life. Hence;  on a lighter note, i forgave the bonafide dentist for those last-minute surprises that he gave me in the last three visits – and closed my eyes to sleep.

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Bring two eggs – make an omelet with one and let the other rot in the corner of your kitchen cabinet.

Bring some tomatoes – consume the fresh red tomatoes and leave one of them to rot with the egg.

There is an expiry date of every thing that exists – you’ll understand this fact very well when the egg and tomato will make a mess in your kitchen.

I think that we should not miss any opportunity to help others and share happiness. That’s the only way to stay fresh. The best way to live is to convert our energies in to some thing beautiful.

After all we are a little more powerful than eggs and tomatoes – so never settle for the cabinet and try to be useful for yourself and society.

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The forests implore

with frightened eyes

Save us! before we vanish

Wake up! or we’ll die


The ornaments of mother earth – they adorn the milieu with green

The mighty lungs of nature – they keep the air clean

The damsels that wink at the pacing clouds – to make them wash our cities

The beautiful forests – they are home to numerous species


They kept serving us eagerly

We kept them under the knife

And now their heart is sinking

As we kept attacking their life


They urge our mercy – They need our attention

They cared us for ages – They truly deserve redemption

O dear humans! Love your forests

O dear humans! Save them today

Help them grow – help them nurture

Manage them well and preserve the future



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The river would be flowing – probably the berries would be turning red from green and the little wild flowers would be ready to pop out from their buds.

Seems like it’s time to tie the laces.

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Why it is so difficult to achieve peace?

Today the Newspapers, TV Channels and Social Media tell us about the chaos, uncertainty and numerous other problems of the world. If you ponder a little the root cause of all these problems is same.

Peace is difficult to achieve because the hearts of mankind are engulfed in the clouds of greed, lust and selfishness.

It’s not some secret – everyone knows it – religions teach it – atheist accept it; even then a great majority cannot contain their desires and actions within limit and hence the trouble persists.

I must admit that some evils have pushed the humans to work beyond their limits and achieve great goals but it is important to understand that an achievement may not ensure long lasting satisfaction. As a human we still need to understand true satisfaction.

Let’s start trying to acquire inner peace in such a way that it doesn’t conflict with other’s peace. It will contribute a great deal towards collective peace.

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Roses bloom on the saplings planted at the right time of the year – and whither away.

A sweet toffee baked by an astute chef – finally melts on a tongue.

A burst of laughter gushing out of a mouth reverberates the room for a brief moment –

and vanishes in the thin air.

Though all that exists has to end – the odor of the pretty red flower, the taste of the mouth watering delight and the reflection of life and happiness wrapped in the laughter stay in the memory.

I have found that memories have a power of their own. Some memories are so weird that they stuck the food in your throat. They can make you smile – they can make your eyes wet.

Although we keep creating good moments in life but still it is a fact that like a camera suddenly rolls over to something unexpected in a movie – we find ourselves standing in front of our memories.

Some memories are quite disturbing as they make us question ourselves. With our little knowledge when we are not sure about right and wrong we should try to add some more details to a memory  to see a better picture of the scenario and try to find a balance. That is the most we can do because we are lost in between existence and nonexistence in this relative world.

To be honest; existence and nonexistence are far above my understanding.  When i try to find the start and end of a feeling or a materialistic thing i eventually find myself knocking at the doors of infinity. If that door opens i’ll get lost on the other side – until the doors are closed, i am lost in between.

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