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There are numerous beings who silently play their roles and duties without catching our attention. Although the modern world has made us indifferent to the people around us however if we open our hearts and eyes to see their beautiful efforts, it helps us in tackling the doldrums in our lives with a better understanding.

The temperatures are on the rise in the city where i work and every day i see a security guard in a dark uniform in front of the office building. I feel sad  for him because he has to work in difficult conditions. He greets us with a smile at the gate – opens the zip of our laptop bags to take a quick look inside and says “Thank you” while we get inside the office.

whenever he gets some idle time his hands go for the packet of cigarettes in his pocket. I always do some chit chat with him during that short meeting every morning.

Sometimes i ask him “why you check our bags every day?”.

On some days i say “today i wont let you check my bag, i am in a hurry” and as expected, he always declines this offer with a wide smile.

Well, the point of writing these things down is to show that there is so much happiness and beauty hidden in every human being around us. If we let them feel comfortable – we can see many beautiful sides of them. I am sure he feels quite comfortable with me 🙂 Sometimes he makes fun of the fruits tucked in the side pocket of my bag or comments on the size of the bottle that i carry for water.

Yesterday I asked him why he smokes so much and his answer was “It’s too hot here, outside”

Damn! He should be a philosopher 🙂

So friends if you’ll look around you’ll also notice many people who seem less gifted or their life seems difficult but i’ll beg you to never look down upon them. Stop by their side sometimes to talk or just exchange a smile if you are in a hurry. They are very beautiful people. More beautiful and interesting than your expectations.


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Long time ago there lived a king who feared his wife very much. One evening he felt curious whether his courtiers also fear their wives like him or not. He passed  the message to all that those who fear their wives will sit on my right side and those who don’t fear their wives will be seated on the left side when they will come to the court tomorrow.

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Next morning, the king was quite amazed to see that only one courtier was sitting on his left side. The king looked at him with great envy and inquired him “So you are the only brave man in my court who does not fear his wife?” – the courtier sheepishly replied “Nay Nay Sire – I just sat on the left side because my wife ordered me to do so”

On listening this – everyone burst into a loud laughter and the king felt much relieved to know that he is not the only one who fears his wife.


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kings and queens
noblemen and women
who hath their pride
like mountains high

whose servants
rushed; on a single command
and shuddered
when they enjoined


time has passed
and they breath no more
yet their stories live
as their dust
drifts with the wind
to east and west
north to south
preaching their tales
and mourning their loss

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