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There are numerous beings who silently play their roles and duties without catching our attention. Although the modern world has made us indifferent to the people around us however if we open our hearts and eyes to see their beautiful efforts, it helps us in tackling the doldrums in our lives with a better understanding.

The temperatures are on the rise in the city where i work and every day i see a security guard in a dark uniform in front of the office building. I feel sad ย for him because he has to work in difficult conditions. He greets us with a smile at the gate – opens the zip of our laptop bags to take a quick look inside and says “Thank you” while we get inside the office.

whenever he gets some idle time his hands go for the packet of cigarettes in his pocket. I always do some chit chat with him during that short meeting every morning.

Sometimes i ask him “why you check our bags every day?”.

On some days i say “today i wont let you check my bag, i am in a hurry” and as expected, he always declines this offer with a wide smile.

Well, the point of writing these things down is to show that there is so much happiness and beauty hidden in every human being around us. If we let them feel comfortable – we can see many beautiful sides of them. I am sure he feels quite comfortable with me ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes he makes fun of the fruits tucked in the side pocket of my bag or comments on the size of the bottle that i carry for water.

Yesterday I asked him why he smokes so much and his answer was “It’s too hot here, outside”

Damn! He should be a philosopher ๐Ÿ™‚

So friends if you’ll look around you’ll also notice many people who seem less gifted or their life seems difficult but i’ll beg you to never look down upon them. Stop by their side sometimes to talk or just exchange a smile if you are in a hurry. They are very beautiful people. More beautiful and interesting than your expectations.


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Swing is my favorite pendulum. In fact i knew the swing much before i came to know what a pendulum is.

Today I yearn to sit on a swing. I want to feel the air on my face as it takes me back and forth.

A swing that can go higher and higher as i start pushing it back with my feet and then with the motion of my body once its fast enough that touching the ground may impede its flow.

It would be better if its ropes come down from the branch of a tall tree. I’ll try to feel its leaves on my face when it will go backward and i’ll feel myself rising against the buildings when it will rise in the front.

I wonder what will be going through my mind if i am swinging a swing on a beautiful cloudy evening. I can only guess that i’ll be experiencing a euphoria. Probably I’ll be thinking about the things that fail to make sense. I’ll be recalling the thousands of lotuses that grow in the wetlands of Qadirabad. I’ll be thinking of the journey of elegant geese and swans that fly to the warm lands once temperatures start falling below the freezing point in Siberia. I’ll be thinking of the Monarch butterflies that cross the ocean to inaugurate the “Festival of the Dead” in Mexico and what not.

My swing will have a limit for sure but my immagination will swing beyond the limits.

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On a cold morning a little boy gathered some papers from garbage dump and lit them to fire. Near an electricity pole he held his hands above fire to find refuge from the morning chill. A little puppy hesitantly came and sat besides him. The boy took out a piece of bread from his pocket and gave it to his little guest. The puppy started eating it and the boy patted its back with love. Then he rolled up his collar and started singing a happy song.

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There are certain pleasures in this world which are second to none. I would like to share some,


To be with a person who loves you unconditionally.

Meeting a dear one in a party where you are a stranger; and your mind is completely ready to get bored.

Getting last seat in a bus when you are getting late for something.

Reaching a petrol pump for refill when you are afraid that you won’t make it.

To achieve small goals, even as small as waking up at desired time.

To help someone, to make someone smile.

What else ? : )


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It’s all about the moment. That fragment of time which pours the elixir of life on us. Each moment of life is precious and it has its own value. The mystery and surprise that it carries is unique. It’s all up to us how we welcome the next second in our life. So hold the hand of every moment of your life and embrace it with a smile.

Make it easy for yourself to cheer. Let a stupid joke make you roll on floor sometimes, steer your thoughts to hover on the lush green valleys of optimism and don’t expect too much from people. They are busy in fulfilling their own expectations.

And no doubt there are many reasons to feel sorry in this world but that feeling will not give you anything unless you change your actions. If there is love, happiness and loyalty then remember that hatred, sadness and betrayal also exist. You are standing in a shop, It’s all set in front of you in a showcase, now you have to buy something for yourself. You will not pay money on this shop, here you will trade in Time. So choose, only what’s worth of your time.


If you are not satisfied with what you are getting, make your self better.

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Live your dreams and make a life out of it.



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Call from a distant friend adds a year to your life. That’s what i think.
you are respectfully allowed to contradict with my opinion.

The pleasure of following and hence identifying a singing bird hidden in
the bushes is an experience of its own kind. Many people have said it to be
true therefore you are requested to accept it.

Contradiction is a pleasure in it self.

What brings a smile on a face? i want to search answers for this questions.
It should be asked in exams rather asking the same old questions time and

These days a jolly pair of “Gray Catbird” comes on the “morning glory”

spread at our side wall, precisely at dawn and later when the sun is about

to dip behind the mountains far away. It’s so refreshing to see this exotic

bird chirping sweetly and playing around.
Consorting with amazing people, reading an awesome book, kicking an air starved football around as you move about is quite an awesome way to pass life rather indulging in the mundane drudgery.

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