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When it starts getting dark outside and mortals get tired of trying to justify their existence in this world, most of them come back to their abodes to  refill their bodies with the food and get ready for the next day.

Once done with the dinner, they pick up their gadgets or watch the broadcasts and media streams until their eyes start twitching and they fall asleep.

However there are some people who cannot sleep even if their eyes are twitching and their bodies yearning for rest.

Either they are insomniacs or the ones who are lucky enough to encounter deep moments that are worth staying awake for.

Our bodies are designed to sleep after staying active for some hours. If we work at night, our bodies need rest during the day and vice versa however sometimes our mind is so active that it prevents us from unconsciousness.

Here are some results of my consciousness, scattered in the sentences written below:

Probably its in the nature of human beings to get bored. We get bored of TV channels, our phones, weather, places and people. And still there are some entities which stay interesting for us and we never get tired of them. These entities can be good or bad for us. For instance a smoker never gets tired of cigarettes even when he knows that every next smoke drags him closer to his death. We can stay awake with some people every night and on the contrary we might find ourselves looking for reasons to sleep or do something on our phone instead of expressing our views and ideas to some people. In short our choices and amount of control on ourselves influences our life.

Life is an interesting stage and we ought to play our roles well. We can’t rely on the scripts provided by the director as life requires us to be spontaneous. Whether its day or night, we should thank those streams of thoughts and moments that light up the lanterns of wisdom in our mind. Wisdom gives us the courage to detach our soul from selfishness and all such diseases which make it heavy. Once the soul is unburdened it rises up like a cloud. After all, it’s easy to run a marathon if you are light on your heels. During such times our soul steps up on the ladder of realization and we start seeing the things in their true form. Our grievances start melting, our grudges start vanishing and all we are left in our heart is love. The love for all the humanity. The love for all the living and non living things with the knowledge that all the things that exist in this world are a part of us.

At these late hours of the night i have no doubt in the fact that I have a connection with the trees, the mud, the people belonging to any color and race and everything that exists. And to honor that connection I should always do good and think good for others without expecting anything in return.

It might happen that you’ll be misunderstood – your good thoughts and best possible arrangements might not bring the desired results for you and others because you are only one of the billions of human beings living on this earth and everyone acts and feels according to the level of their mind and soul.  However if your intentions are good and selfless, peace will be your reward.


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The clouds say that the moon was gloomy

while they passed him by on the sky tonight

missing a dear star

that was an apple of his eye

and who broke into pieces

with a boom last night

Moon wasn’t crying but his heartbeats were uneven

he looked more pale

and his sadness started to spread in the surrounding

so all of a sudden his friends rushed

to cajole his heart

like the trained troupes

dancing and diving

and chanting the slogans of merriment

to distract him from his loss

a little star who loved moon very much

came closer and whispered in his big big ears

what if its not the same as yesterday

what if it doesn’t seem right to you

everything happens for a reason

everything is right in its own way

the moon heard these words from one ear

pondered, smiled for the cute little star

and out those words flew from the second ear

into the vast milieu

leaving a smile on the moon’s lips

a smile for all those who cared for him

but at that time a few scars appeared

on his pink pink heart

to stay there forever

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Since many days I was feeling a strong urge to paint something.

Last week I spotted out some nice brushes at a shop but i wasn’t sure that they will work for me or not so i took their picture and consulted a friend who is a good painter. The expert’s opinion didn’t come quick however i was told that these sets of brushes are fine. I haven’t bought them yet.


Its late here and still the sleep is far away from my eyes so i gathered the old supplies from the cupboard and poured a few drops of water in the cap of a bottle to dab some colors on the paper.

Here is what the quick strokes of brush revealed.



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After midnight – the dogs rule the streets.

Jumping around – rolling over each other – getting in to scuffles.

Roaming from here to there in search of food and fight. Trying to stay with their pack and challenging the other groups who dare to invade their territory.

Wagging their tails for the watchmen and barking at the passers by who are always in hurry to reach their destinations, trying to cover more distance in each stride – hence making the rulers uneasy.

Last year, on a cold night – when i was coming back from work – as i approached near my apartment i saw a mad recluse in the open area. He had very few clothes on his body and was sitting besides the fire made by the wrappers picked from the garbage dump.

On the other side a boy in shorts was sitting on the small boundary wall outside his home. There was a cigarette in his hand. As i approached near, i smelled weed and saw that there was something going on between the boy and the recluse.

To my utmost surprise they were exchanging fowl words – sitting fifty meters away and both determined to prove their skills in the art of calling names.

I gestured my astonishment to the boy which he responded with a chuckle to show that he is enjoying that situation. By that time i had stopped there.

I asked the boy why he was wearing shorts on such a cold night? He told me that he had an exam the next morning and the stuff he was smoking, kept him warm and awake. I asked about his fiery exchange with the recluse and he told me that he was just  trying to give company to another person who cannot sleep due to his own circumstances.

I took a deep breath – smiled at his reason and took a look on the milieu before entering the gate of my apartment. A brown dog was sitting quietly at a distance – looking at the humans play his role.

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From Railway station to Hussain Agahi.

I don’t know any other route in the whole country where Tongas are still operational.


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The stairs swirling around the pole ends on a big roof. From there you can see the vast sheet of stars sparkling like tiny diamonds. Just go up these stairs and you enter a totally new world that is more open; beautiful and limitless.

It felt so good to see that late November sky in cold and quiet. As i stood there, a group of cranes flew past the moon; instinctively trying to keep their flight pattern in a fickle V.

For a while i got distracted by the funny shadows flickering on a curtained window of a big house and then reclined back on the railing to look at the magnificent show of stars, planets and meteors.

Inhaling the cold air and trying to figure out the maze of life.

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Night @ M


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