Our minds are always full of questions – some of them accompanied by vivid answers, some with a couple of possible answers and an unending chain of unanswered ones for those who think and observe a lot. In the quest of enlightenment and inner peace i also keep looking for the answers around me with a hope that one day i’ll either find all the answers or i’ll happily let go of the questions to get rid of my restlessness before my conscious flies out of the cage of my body.

During past few months i lived in a new environment, adjusted myself to a new culture and observed the ways of life in an unfamiliar place – interestingly i found out that human instincts are the same where ever you may go. The conditions and particular situations do change the moods and way of our dealings however inside the covers humans are very much similar. Sometimes they are kind, sometimes they are happy, sad, jealous or angry and at times they are not good to each other. Sometimes they expect a lot from others without understanding that they are also obliged to return the favors but we can’t ignore the fact that our environment and our upbringing plays a huge role in the way we act and react throughout our life. We can’t blame anyone – all we can do is to understand our good and bad sides and keep working on making ourselves a valuable member of society.

As recently I have traveled to new places so i got the chance to meet a lot of people – made new friends, got  new inspirations and learned new things. I have also lived alone, learned life lessons and tasted the sweetness and bitterness of loneliness. Sadly the world is becoming more materialistic day by day – people are ignoring their loved ones and family members in the name of self love and trying to blindly follow the hypes created by social media without paying attention to the consequences.

I have seen couples eating together in silence and eyes glued to their phones – i have seen mothers ignoring their kids as their source of happiness is a bright screen which keeps setting new goals and desires for them which eventually result in depression when the mind gets loaded with heaps of wishes without any clue how one may change those dreams into reality.

Some of us just want to wear a celebrity’s life as if it is a piece of garment but we don’t check whether that famous person is truly happy in living that life or not – we buy what we see. I wish that all of us may realize the importance of our own life and our style and contribute towards the society in what ever way we can – the past is past, we must live in the present moment and use our energies to live it to the fullest. Another important thing is to understand that we don’t have to fly to multiple countries and take our pictures at five stars and popular tourist destinations to show that we are living an amazing life – we don’t have to make anyone jealous of our possessions – we must remember that our actions should not spread negative feelings – there are many positive ways of making ourselves happy and as soon as we may understand this the better. My observations can be wrong, my words can’t be final but my intention to educate people that life isn’t that difficult as we make it for ourselves is pure and i keep spreading it to the attentive ears around me. These days i mostly read verses of Persian poetry and few excerpts from “West with the night” along with occasional glance on a Reddit page on “Stoicism” and write for some of my clients who need either technical or travel articles however today when i came back to my room after playing badminton i sat down in front of my laptop after shower and wrote this blog post to spread the words of love, peace and humanity on the cyberspace which is rather bubbling with words written for search engines and probably my words will also be read by search engines more often than the real people – but still i have to play my part – i have to justify my present moment 🙂


Impulsive Sin

On a mid-February afternoon

I sat beside the Bangpakong

While it flowed in style

Just as a model on the ramp

The breeze was nice and cool

But towards which direction the river flowed?

That was hard to tell

I was trying to figure that out

While my eyes caught a yellow flower

Lying on the steps near my feet

It looked dry but still bright

With its cheek on the warm concrete

The moon was dull in the sky

Yet visible

Like a half bitten cookie

Yet beautiful

And then the wind got rebellious

As it caressed my face and ruffled my hair

I didn’t mind that excesses though

But with the next swirl

It tore apart that little yellow flower

And blew its petals in the air

Hither thither

A beauty reduced to broken petals

And bright yellow dust

It made me sad – not only for the flower

and I knew I can’t but I wished I could ask the wind

What did you do to the flower?

Why did you do that to the flower?

Babysit yourself

Sometimes you come to bed physically and emotionally bruised. Your muscles ache from the exercise and your heart is kind of numb to expect anything from anyone. That’s the time when you have no doubts – you clearly see that every one is busy in their own life. Your friends, relatives and colleagues only share a certain part of your life and for the rest of the time you have to babysit yourself. You have to take the responsibility to make yourself happy because others are busy in doing the same for themselves. Just remember that your attempt to create happiness should not be a trouble for anyone else. I might be wrong or i might have had bad experiences but that’s what i believe before closing my eyes to sleep tonight.


The void is there

Eyes have seen it

Other senses have fathomed it too

that the void has to exist

it can’t be filled

as the mortals have pushed their souls

back in the dark cages of their bones

and now their emotions

are not their’s anymore

they follow what they are fed by the feeds

and they feel touched

when they are given teddy bears

haste, greed and jealousy rules

while the warmth of a living body

has lost its value

Ride your bike


To the eyes that shine

Even when there isn’t any hope ahead

To the eyes that smile

When there isn’t something amusing

A never ending childhood

Is locked in those eyes


Kudos to those who dare to rejoice

In the times of despair

Kudos to those who are stronger than sadness

Whatever the odds

They ride their bikes against the wind

And their hair dance behind their back


I am standing on the crossroads of a thought process that i’ll try to share below in a generic way so that you may relate to it. I’ll be glad if it can be of any help in your pursuit towards enlightenment.

Ancient wisdom describes this world as “A wonderland” because when a baby comes to this world he is welcomed by the plethora of surprises and the world doesn’t cease to surprise this baby even when he turns into a grey-haired old man. We start our lives with a blank mind, record some information and events in it during the course of life and cease to exist when our heart stops pumping blood into our veins. To summarize it in a poetical way we can say that from dust we rise and to dust shall we return.

On the stage of this uncertain world, where we don’t choose our entrance and exit everyone tries to create some certainty because it helps a human being in easing his restlessness. To do so one has to interact with the universe. All we seek is scattered around us or lying within us. If we diligently pursue, we get what we truly seek. However if someone is doubtful; their restlessness will not go away even when they’ll get what they seek.

People try to connect with universe in various ways. These connections are highly governed by their needs. In the eyes of a hungry man, a serving of food would be the utmost connection he seeks until his hunger is pacified. However there is another interesting thing to ponder – sometimes it is difficult for us to identify what we need the most.

Apart from food, abode and other such basic necessities we seek something that is special. Something for our soul.

While basic necessities connect our body to the world around us, our soul needs a connection to acquire true peace. People follow various rituals, rules and procedures to connect their soul with the divine power of universe but nothing can truly help until they are ready to let go of the worldly desires or at least start preferring the happiness of soul over the happiness of body.

We all need to work on our souls and try to go forth in the journey towards peace without doubts. Everyone does so according to their level. We can’t force people to change their ways – we can’t force them let go of their doubts. However we can be kind and merciful to them by understanding their difficulty in overcoming a hurdle. We can help them too. Just as a tortoise would take a minute to traverse a speed breaker on the road; a hare would cross it in a single leap on the other hand – some of us need more time to deal with certain situations. What will happen if we start pressurizing a tortoise to start acting like a hare? A better option can be training the tortoise and putting our feet in the boots of poor tortoise to understand how much improvement can be achieved in reality.

Sometimes fixing a toy ends up breaking it for ever. Human soul is much more delicate than toys – it deserves more care and patience. Be kind and merciful to the restless souls around you and help them find their path towards eternal peace and happiness. If you can’t help – at least don’t harm anybody.

River Story