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This world shall pass

and all that goes on here shall pass too

the little boys of today

will become grey haired tomorrow

the flowers that adorn the garden today

will perish too

the caravans shall pass

as they ain’t meant to stay

everything that exists

and all that we see

is intoxicated with the wine of change

but a lover’s heart never changes

although the sea reaches the sands everyday

to erase the footsteps of those who part their ways

but the tides don’t touch

the impressions made on the heart

the way someone makes you feel

stays in your memory till the last sigh

while the body gets busy with the daily chores

the heart spends its days similarly

remembering the love every moment

singing the songs

and dreaming for unison


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Where should i go

when the city turns into a ghost town

when music becomes noise for the ears

tongue loses the taste

and eyes cease to appreciate the beauty

in such times – to find some solace

should i be the dust

and chase the passing cars like stray dogs

should i be the leaf of a willow in autumn

shaking with the fear of separation

or should i wait for the moon to rise from west

cling to its silver beams

and swing my mortal self out

to the other side of the blue lake

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Clouds got together

to shower upon the city

rain poured down the sky

and brightened the obscure graffiti

yet hearts remained in dust

of complicated grudges

as the rain didn’t pour in there

i must say – what a pity

Love was on the loose

eyes wandered around

palms empty and open

after loosing what was found

ears became more sensitive

to catch your faintest sound

but the night grew darker

without any sign of you

the smiles got scattered

that i saved for you

and the lyrics flew out of window

that i wrote for you

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Love has gone to sleep

under the little bridge near rail tracks

where sand remains damp

during the hot summers day

and fireflies wait until the sky turns dark

when they start torching the dry bushes

in a vain attempt to set the whole city on fire

To me it seems a funny pursuit

that starts below that bridge

and ends where it starts everyday

but now we have a twist in the tale

as the love has joined the party


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