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The clouds say that the moon was gloomy

while they passed him by on the sky tonight

missing a dear star

that was an apple of his eye

and who broke into pieces

with a boom last night

Moon wasn’t crying but his heartbeats were uneven

he looked more pale

and his sadness started to spread in the surrounding

so all of a sudden his friends rushed

to cajole his heart

like the trained troupes

dancing and diving

and chanting the slogans of merriment

to distract him from his loss

a little star who loved moon very much

came closer and whispered in his big big ears

what if its not the same as yesterday

what if it doesn’t seem right to you

everything happens for a reason

everything is right in its own way

the moon heard these words from one ear

pondered, smiled for the cute little star

and out those words flew from the second ear

into the vast milieu

leaving a smile on the moon’s lips

a smile for all those who cared for him

but at that time a few scars appeared

on his pink pink heart

to stay there forever


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Where should i go

when the city turns into a ghost town

when music becomes noise for the ears

tongue loses the taste

and eyes cease to appreciate the beauty

in such times – to find some solace

should i be the dust

and chase the passing cars like stray dogs

should i be the leaf of a willow in autumn

shaking with the fear of separation

or should i wait for the moon to rise from west

cling to its silver beams

and swing my mortal self out

to the other side of the blue lake

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During the day – Sun makes a huge parabola and dives in the west – Just as we wake up in the morning – finish our chores and dive in the bed to sleep again at night.

Sometimes a day passes very fast – like the wind enters a window from north and swiftly passes through the southern side of the room. As the basketball stays in air for some time until it dips down in the bucket. The always awaiting – hungry bucket with an open mouth – ready to swallow its prey.

Sometimes a day becomes longer – it feels like it will never end and you start realizing what the word “infinity” literally means.

Yesterday – it was one of such days which don’t pass easily. I watched videos about grafting an orange tree with lemon, trophy hunting in killer mountains of Tajikistan, listened to traditional music of Tibet, drew something like a rabbit trying to hold a big stone that was all set to roll down a hill but it looked as if the rabbit was rather pushing the stone down, drank water – more than it was needed,


moved from reading Robert Frost to Leo Tolstoy and from Tolstoy to John Milton and became extremely thoughtful. Then i got up and did some push ups, checked prices of the things on my “have to buy” list and planned to go for shopping with a friend. After getting a plan in hand the things got better and the time passed a little faster.

I went for shopping but nothing touched my heart and i came back without buying anything – picked up two peaches from the basket and came to roof top. A half moon was drooling in the middle of western hemisphere and the stars were not very bright. Maybe they were dull due to the thick layer of pollution in the city air. Anyhow i tied a huge rope to the two bright stars and made a swing to reach the moon. The moon was not so near as it appeared to be but i kept swinging across the sky – the wind felt very good on my face and my hair danced like a crazy dancer from an ethnic tribe.

After a while when the swing pushed me very near to the moon – i dared to ask him “Tell me something about life”

The moon smirked and the swing pulled me back;  before he utter anything.

On the next round – when the swing brought me closer to the moon – i was all ready, clasping the seat with my legs and in this way i grabbed the soft cheeks of moon with my hands and implored “please tell !!!” – the moon said these words before i let go off his cheeks,

“Our life is a war with our own self as well as the world that surrounds us. – we are weak and we need help in this war – and we expect help from those whom we love very much”


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The stairs swirling around the pole ends on a big roof. From there you can see the vast sheet of stars sparkling like tiny diamonds. Just go up these stairs and you enter a totally new world that is more open; beautiful and limitless.

It felt so good to see that late November sky in cold and quiet. As i stood there, a group of cranes flew past the moon; instinctively trying to keep their flight pattern in a fickle V.

For a while i got distracted by the funny shadows flickering on a curtained window of a big house and then reclined back on the railing to look at the magnificent show of stars, planets and meteors.

Inhaling the cold air and trying to figure out the maze of life.

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Lunatic’s world


When you don’t follow the set rules and  stop changing yourself to look appropriate, you get varied responses. Some people take you as a proud egoist. Some of them pity you for taking the roads less traveled by. (I wonder why we don’t write double L in  TRAVELED)  A large group takes you as a threat to the norms and prevalent mindset and hence they feel uncomfortable in your presence. The point is that its your life so live it your way.

yesterday eve, i was passing through a remote area. I asked the driver to stop and came down. Inhaling the fresh air i sat on the road with my back resting on the dusty boot of the car. From my frame of reference, sun was three meters above the ground level and by now it had lost its bright ablaze. I opened a poem of Pablo Neruda on my phone. Reading that poem and enjoying the orange sun falling down until it dipped into abyss was an unmatchable experience.

And the look in the eyes of passers by were interesting enough to make me smile. Whether it was fear, jealousy, curiosity, pity or contempt in their eyes,  i am sure they don’t know how it feels to be a lunatic

and later the moon came, just on top of my head, in the middle of vast sky and i completed the rest of my journey in its soothing company.

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At night, there howls rule the jungle.

Although being the biggest opportunists, wolves hunt and dine together.

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Scattered stars on the deep dark sky arranged themselves into two neat rows.

Marking a path for travelers like floating plastic balls in a pool.

Maneuvered by our deviating instinct we trespassed the marked boundaries as

we swiftly moved ahead .

Your hair shone with the cosmic dust as we flew around the dancing meteors.

Forgetful of our existence and lost in joy of being together we dived down

towards the moon.

You yawned. The moon put his hand on nose to hide his uneven teeth as

he laughed at you.

I could have shared a laugh with the Moon but to my utter dismay i asked him a

silly question “Was Neil Armstrong, the first person to land on your tummy ?”

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