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Sunset and sunrise are two marvelous exhibits of nature that recur after every twenty four hours. Light fills the earth with power and then it vanishes to give it time for rest. To watch these amazing events, reminds us to be like the sun that burns itself to render life and light to the earth. It also tells us that great success cannot be achieved without enduring pain.

In the beginning of Masnavi, Rumi explores the essential connection between pain and art. He draws our attention towards the flute and presents a case that the tunes emanating from the flute catch our heart because they carry the grief and yearning  of the wooden stick that was turned into a flute.

A part of a tree is separated and put under the mercy of sharp tools that make it hollow and carve holes into it to give it a form that is known to us as a musical instrument. When an artist blows air into it and moves his fingers on its holes, the separation from its source, the stress and mutilation that it has endured and the elegance that it has achieved by going through all these hardships resonates in the form of a melody.

The key is to endure with elegance.

Courage to face the changing winds and reading the signs of the time helps us in understanding the dance of love. We start seeing that universe is intoxicated with the wine of love and once we free ourselves from unnecessary burdens, all that is left in us is love and kindness.




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The clouds say that the moon was gloomy

while they passed him by on the sky tonight

missing a dear star

that was an apple of his eye

and who broke into pieces

with a boom last night

Moon wasn’t crying but his heartbeats were uneven

he looked more pale

and his sadness started to spread in the surrounding

so all of a sudden his friends rushed

to cajole his heart

like the trained troupes

dancing and diving

and chanting the slogans of merriment

to distract him from his loss

a little star who loved moon very much

came closer and whispered in his big big ears

what if its not the same as yesterday

what if it doesn’t seem right to you

everything happens for a reason

everything is right in its own way

the moon heard these words from one ear

pondered, smiled for the cute little star

and out those words flew from the second ear

into the vast milieu

leaving a smile on the moon’s lips

a smile for all those who cared for him

but at that time a few scars appeared

on his pink pink heart

to stay there forever

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This world shall pass

and all that goes on here shall pass too

the little boys of today

will become grey haired tomorrow

the flowers that adorn the garden today

will perish too

the caravans shall pass

as they ain’t meant to stay

everything that exists

and all that we see

is intoxicated with the wine of change

but a lover’s heart never changes

although the sea reaches the sands everyday

to erase the footsteps of those who part their ways

but the tides don’t touch

the impressions made on the heart

the way someone makes you feel

stays in your memory till the last sigh

while the body gets busy with the daily chores

the heart spends its days similarly

remembering the love every moment

singing the songs

and dreaming for unison

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Where should i go

when the city turns into a ghost town

when music becomes noise for the ears

tongue loses the taste

and eyes cease to appreciate the beauty

in such times – to find some solace

should i be the dust

and chase the passing cars like stray dogs

should i be the leaf of a willow in autumn

shaking with the fear of separation

or should i wait for the moon to rise from west

cling to its silver beams

and swing my mortal self out

to the other side of the blue lake

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Why it is so difficult to achieve peace?

Today the Newspapers, TV Channels and Social Media tell us about the chaos, uncertainty and numerous other problems of the world. If you ponder a little the root cause of all these problems is same.

Peace is difficult to achieve because the hearts of mankind are engulfed in the clouds of greed, lust and selfishness.

It’s not some secret – everyone knows it – religions teach it – atheist accept it; even then a great majority cannot contain their desires and actions within limit and hence the trouble persists.

I must admit that some evils have pushed the humans to work beyond their limits and achieve great goals but it is important to understand that an achievement may not ensure long lasting satisfaction. As a human we still need to understand true satisfaction.

Let’s start trying to acquire inner peace in such a way that it doesn’t conflict with other’s peace. It will contribute a great deal towards collective peace.

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Love has gone to sleep

under the little bridge near rail tracks

where sand remains damp

during the hot summers day

and fireflies wait until the sky turns dark

when they start torching the dry bushes

in a vain attempt to set the whole city on fire

To me it seems a funny pursuit

that starts below that bridge

and ends where it starts everyday

but now we have a twist in the tale

as the love has joined the party


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During the day – Sun makes a huge parabola and dives in the west – Just as we wake up in the morning – finish our chores and dive in the bed to sleep again at night.

Sometimes a day passes very fast – like the wind enters a window from north and swiftly passes through the southern side of the room. As the basketball stays in air for some time until it dips down in the bucket. The always awaiting – hungry bucket with an open mouth – ready to swallow its prey.

Sometimes a day becomes longer – it feels like it will never end and you start realizing what the word “infinity” literally means.

Yesterday – it was one of such days which don’t pass easily. I watched videos about grafting an orange tree with lemon, trophy hunting in killer mountains of Tajikistan, listened to traditional music of Tibet, drew something like a rabbit trying to hold a big stone that was all set to roll down a hill but it looked as if the rabbit was rather pushing the stone down, drank water – more than it was needed,


moved from reading Robert Frost to Leo Tolstoy and from Tolstoy to John Milton and became extremely thoughtful. Then i got up and did some push ups, checked prices of the things on my “have to buy” list and planned to go for shopping with a friend. After getting a plan in hand the things got better and the time passed a little faster.

I went for shopping but nothing touched my heart and i came back without buying anything – picked up two peaches from the basket and came to roof top. A half moon was drooling in the middle of western hemisphere and the stars were not very bright. Maybe they were dull due to the thick layer of pollution in the city air. Anyhow i tied a huge rope to the two bright stars and made a swing to reach the moon. The moon was not so near as it appeared to be but i kept swinging across the sky – the wind felt very good on my face and my hair danced like a crazy dancer from an ethnic tribe.

After a while when the swing pushed me very near to the moon – i dared to ask him “Tell me something about life”

The moon smirked and the swing pulled me back;  before he utter anything.

On the next round – when the swing brought me closer to the moon – i was all ready, clasping the seat with my legs and in this way i grabbed the soft cheeks of moon with my hands and implored “please tell !!!” – the moon said these words before i let go off his cheeks,

“Our life is a war with our own self as well as the world that surrounds us. – we are weak and we need help in this war – and we expect help from those whom we love very much”


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