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Long time ago there lived a king who feared his wife very much. One evening he felt curious whether his courtiers also fear their wives like him or not. He passed  the message to all that those who fear their wives will sit on my right side and those who don’t fear their wives will be seated on the left side when they will come to the court tomorrow.

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Next morning, the king was quite amazed to see that only one courtier was sitting on his left side. The king looked at him with great envy and inquired him “So you are the only brave man in my court who does not fear his wife?” – the courtier sheepishly replied “Nay Nay Sire – I just sat on the left side because my wife ordered me to do so”

On listening this – everyone burst into a loud laughter and the king felt much relieved to know that he is not the only one who fears his wife.


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She kept changing

trying to make people happy

losing her true self somewhere

became a public property


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I had questions and it seemed that it would take ages to get their answers. Gradually my unattended curiosities started to pinch me more. I lost my peace of mind. These urges disturbed me to an extent that i badly wanted a way out.

The sane world and its manners lost respect in my eyes and i kept criticizing each and every mockery around me. The slogans of equality, independence and justice; appeared to be so vague and hollow.

Equality is a confusing concept. At least the one which our so called leaders support and violate the same idea themselves. Just a common set of body parts dont make you equal to another being. Moreover when the powerful uses the name of equality to enhance their power it becomes more unbearable.

So in this world of equality and justice i feel myself standing among others in a puppet show; with strings tied to my body parts and where the cruel puppeteer would never let us take a breath at our will. “To rest is to die” he says and we dance unconsciously till our wooden legs starts creaking. A clear sign that the end is near.

When things turned to be like this in my inner world i fluttered my wings and lifted my fragile body up. I flew above the clouds, over the continents and oceans and as i looked down at the world i saw pitch black smoke rising up from every part. I glided on the waves of air to take a closer look but smoke would not let me see what the actual causes of plight were. I heard the cries of la miserable from every part, they were more fierce in some parts than others.

Dejected and lead by apathy, i decided to create a new world in my own imagination. A place where i can find refuge from the pangs of reality. It was a hectic job as i had to spend many sleepless nights to define minute details and design. To set the rules and to recreate where the foundations needed to be strengthened and revised. At last it was ready  to be inaugurated but it was a solo world and i was the only owner of this sanctuary.

I enjoyed spending more time in imagination and gradually my real world started to diminish.

One moonless night i sat on the rough abraded rocks. Throwing pebbles in the dark sea, without any reason and without any interest in finding the reason.  I knew that to seek reason is a painful thing and i cant afford to create another world in this imaginary world where i can sit without reasoning these simple things.

Stars shone more brightly than ever and i looked up mesmerized to watch this majestic sheet of twinkling beans over my head. Right there in front of me i saw two suns rising at the western horizon. They were glowing. Golden luminescence, lighting up the whole milieu. Drenching everything in gold. The grandeur made my cheeks burn with passion as i saw them rising slowly from the sea.

It happened to be the Doomsday for what i created with so much effort. The intense light melted me like a marsh mellow and lit up the whole world around me.

The last flash of memory after which i lost sentience is of my molten self as a thawed marsh mellow on that rock at the shore and my world burning around me with its flames trying to touch the sky.

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Minds think and try to mane the human instict by subjecting it to certain set of rules. Then some other minds think and conspire to free themselves of these shackles. They mostly succeed. Rules are made to be broken.

Our basic instincts remain concious under our skin. Waiting for an appropriate time. The tamed dragon unleashes it self whenever it gets a chance. 

So this world of rules and these set paths of life and specially the social trends amaze me. Even a bad joke can ammuse you sometime.

Parliaments, Monarchies, Judiciaries; I appreciate there efforts to maintain order in the society but i can’t stop myself from wondering how and when human instincts play there part and these institutions become mere tools to serve a certain class. Then i look at my own country’s parliament and i don’t find a reason how a group of previlleged people can sincerely represent those who are helpless and poor.

How a democracy can benefit people if votes can be bought during elections. How poor and ignorant; a person selling his sole right to choose his representative would be? That you can’t even imagine.

A vote is sold to buy food, which saves a family from dying hungry. A basic right is sold to buy a basic need. Wow, what a balance 😦 And i put myself in the boots of that helpless person and it occurs to me that When you don’t have food to eat, you can’t think about education and basic health fascilities. You can’t choose your masters when money rules. When human instinct of “freedom at any cost” subdues to the human instinct of “you have to eat, or you’ll die” you don’t have options.

So along with false promises, rigging and corruption politics turns in to a business. Use all your means, buy votes, get elected and earn your money back on the name of funds, contracts and projects. Invest and harvest. Just like crops. But when they harvest the crops they don’t see the gloomy flowers of hope panting in blood under their sickles.

and unfortunate ones helplessly flutter in hunger and agony like pests in the crops of funds and seudo projects. And the compassionate farmer; knowing that pests have a small tummy, let’s them eat a meager portion of his crops and allows these creepers to live because they have to vote him in the next election.

I hear that there are some custodians of equality and justice in this world, and i see that it’s biased. Maybe i am too biased myself to think so. Whatever it may be; in general there is a simple rule. It’s all about instincts. Instincts waiting in the sking. impatiently waiting to be unleashed.

Power would rule. Money would buy.

If you don’t have either you’ll be bought, you will be ruled.

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Abraham Lincoln said “you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today’.

 A responsible person is trustworthy. He owns his deeds, presents himself for accountability and accepts his mistakes.

A society is a group of people, who pursue different careers but each of them carries certain responsibilities on his shoulders. Only responsible people can form a healthy society.

We cannot overlook the importance of responsibility in any walk of life. A Trader, Officer, Lawyer or politician In short everyone should try to fulfill his responsibilities in the best possible way to guide a society towards success.

Responsibility and respect go hand in hand. If you desire to enjoy true respect, you would have to assume responsibility. We should ask ourselves now and then; whether we are fulfilling the responsibilities avidly or not.

In our life we come across various depressing situations where we feel helpless even if we strongly wish to play an active role. At least we should keep focusing on taking personal responsibility. If we cannot change the circumstances, we can change ourselves.  As every action has a reaction i propose that a positive change in our attitudes will affect the surroundings for sure.

Here comes the question, what are my responsibilities?

To be very true that’s quite difficult to answer but if we’ll try to identify our responsibilities we’ll find them out.

Making it simple, it’s our responsibility to:

feed our body well,

respect our elders,

be gentle to children and old,

be truthful,

keep trying to improve ourselves and be a person who shares happiness.

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Suffering; without hope of a better tomorrow is worse than death.

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