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There are numerous beings who silently play their roles and duties without catching our attention. Although the modern world has made us indifferent to the people around us however if we open our hearts and eyes to see their beautiful efforts, it helps us in tackling the doldrums in our lives with a better understanding.

The temperatures are on the rise in the city where i work and every day i see a security guard in a dark uniform in front of the office building. I feel sad ¬†for him because he has to work in difficult conditions. He greets us with a smile at the gate – opens the zip of our laptop bags to take a quick look inside and says “Thank you” while we get inside the office.

whenever he gets some idle time his hands go for the packet of cigarettes in his pocket. I always do some chit chat with him during that short meeting every morning.

Sometimes i ask him “why you check our bags every day?”.

On some days i say “today i wont let you check my bag, i am in a hurry” and as expected, he always declines this offer with a wide smile.

Well, the point of writing these things down is to show that there is so much happiness and beauty hidden in every human being around us. If we let them feel comfortable – we can see many beautiful sides of them. I am sure he feels quite comfortable with me ūüôā Sometimes he makes fun of the fruits tucked in the side pocket of my bag or comments on the size of the bottle that i carry for water.

Yesterday I asked him why he smokes so much and his answer was “It’s too hot here, outside”

Damn! He should be a philosopher ūüôā

So friends if you’ll look around you’ll also notice many people who seem less gifted or their life seems difficult but i’ll beg you to never look down upon them. Stop by their side sometimes to talk or just exchange a smile if you are in a hurry. They are very beautiful people. More beautiful and interesting than your expectations.


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After midnight – the dogs rule the streets.

Jumping around – rolling over each other – getting in to scuffles.

Roaming from here to there in search of food and fight. Trying to stay with their pack and challenging the other groups who dare to invade their territory.

Wagging their tails for the watchmen and barking at the passers by who are always in hurry to reach their destinations, trying to cover more distance in each stride – hence making the rulers uneasy.

Last year, on a cold night Рwhen i was coming back from work Рas i approached near my apartment i saw a mad recluse in the open area. He had very few clothes on his body and was sitting besides the fire made by the wrappers picked from the garbage dump.

On the other side a boy in shorts was sitting on the small boundary wall outside his home. There was a cigarette in his hand. As i approached near, i smelled weed and saw that there was something going on between the boy and the recluse.

To my utmost surprise they were exchanging fowl words – sitting fifty meters away and both determined to prove their skills in the art of calling names.

I gestured my astonishment to the boy which he responded with a chuckle to show that he is enjoying that situation. By that time i had stopped there.

I asked the boy why he was wearing shorts on such a cold night? He told me that he had an exam the next morning and the stuff he was smoking, kept him warm and awake. I asked about his fiery exchange with the recluse and he told me that he was just  trying to give company to another person who cannot sleep due to his own circumstances.

I took a deep breath – smiled at his reason and took a look on the milieu before entering the gate of my apartment. A brown dog was sitting quietly at a distance – looking at the humans play his role.

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The dentist inserted the needle three times in my gum – once inwards and twice outwards while pushing my lips aside with his thumb covered in white Nitrile glove. ¬†Later when i reached my room after the treatment and as the evening delved in to the cold night it occurred to me as if i didn’t take those injections in my gum. Although the area around my tooth was still numb and swollen – i felt as if all that anesthesia seeped down to my heart and pushed me into a different state of mind.

Usually i avoid medication and try to let nature follow its course in the matters of health but as the dental treatment was a clear violation of the course of nature so i drank the milkshake and swallowed the pills as prescribed by the dentist.

Then i came to my mattress and slipped under the sheets. I was in a state where i was able to think but my emotions were dull. I opened my laptop to finish some lingering commitments – in the meanwhile i called Pop on Whatsapp and felt that she is sad so i left the work unfinished and asked her to call on ¬†Skype. She is very dear to me and it was painful to see her sad so i implored her to tell me what’s making her feel so. She told me the reason of her sadness – it wasn’t something new – it was a quest that had made her feel bad before and now it was doing so again. I wanted to take her out of that situation but as i had told her before – i didn’t feel myself capable of doing so; and in short i failed again.

I understand that every one expects to be treated well and trusted however we don’t always meet the expectations. Sometimes due to our weaknesses and sometimes only due to ignorance. When we open ourselves to others its always a new experience – sometimes we get support or a better suggestion to cope up – sometimes we get the opposite of that and these responses vary from situation to situation. Sometimes we are not sure about the consequences and our baseless fears stop us from acting in the way people want us to act.

I was in a strange state of mind at that time – my mind was ¬†lingering on the extent of loneliness of human beings. I was analyzing the human life as a whole and all i could see was the loneliness. I was seeing the selfishness that takes birth in us to cater our individuality.¬†I realized that how close we may get to a person – how hard we may try to make ¬†someone happy – still some rifts stay unbridgeable. Life has different layers. People who come across us for a short period – they see our outer most layer. The more we spend time with someone the more we are able to see the layers that lay below. These layers don’t end – a layer lies below every layer and if a person is able to reach its deepest layer it will find itself alone there.

Every person on the face of earth is unique. The surroundings and situations do mold us but still members of a family, pupils in a classroom ¬†and residents of a city are different from each other in many ways. In fact it adds color to the life. The uniqueness of every individual keeps the world an interesting place with numerous possibilities. Likewise it’s wise to understand that our powers and limitations are also unique.

Our friends and family are more aware of our layers than the people who don’t know us and we are also familiar of their behaviors. It feels good to be with them because it eases our eternal anxiety that rises from the uncertainty. Therefore we feel comfortable in their presence. Although it is painful to fail our dear ones but we need to understand that we are not super humans and it is impossible to win all the time. Sometimes we have to realize our limitations and accept defeat. Similarly, we should understand the limitations of others and forgive.

It occurred to me that this understanding can be applied to many situations in life. Hence;  on a lighter note, i forgave the bonafide dentist for those last-minute surprises that he gave me in the last three visits Рand closed my eyes to sleep.

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Today; almost every corner of the planet is home to someone.¬†Wherever you go to live – most probably you’ll see that you have got some neighbors. It is an interesting aspect of neighborhood that there can be various types of neighbors which may leave a unique impression on our thoughts and life.

Each of us has got their unique experiences with our neighbors however today i would like to mention some neighbors who mostly go unnoticed. In fact they prefer to stay unnoticed.

A few days ago i noticed an openly declared gang war between the squirrels and doves in my neighborhood. It might seem crazy but watching them act like “Tom and Jerry” episodes, keeps me amused these days and helps me relax from worldly burdens.

While observing there playful attacks i have noticed that they are much sophisticated warriors as compared to some humans who don’t even hesitate to blow their enemies into pieces. They only poke each other in the daylight. Nobody gets hurt as both parties are well equipped to counter each other. If the squirrels are agile and clever – naive doves have got wings and sharp beaks. Though squirrels are always on attack – doves beautifully defend their homes against the gorilla attacks of the rodents. I don’t know whether they will ever sign a peace pact between each other or not – their cute skirmishes will keep me entertaining until i live here.

There are a lot of plants, weeds, birds, animals and of course the people who are our neighbors but they go unnoticed because we don’t have the time to look around and interact with them. Its true that modern lifestyle has made us self centered ¬†and our major source of information and entertainment are the social, print and electronic media but i would implore you all to come out and feel the real world around you.

What do you think about going out for fresh air tomorrow morning? There will be a lot of cute birds sitting on the trees, lamp posts and power cables – waiting to be seen – ready to flutter their beautiful wings and sing for you.



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It was a usual morning. As quiet and boring as it could be. A sheet of silence covered the whole city and there were no signs of activity.

So in this way it was a common cold morning in the small city where life seemed to be on hold during the winters. Shops in the market were not opened yet and the homes looked deserted.

An elderly man who lived alone in one of these houses –¬†woke up before his alarm clock ¬†rang – made some tea in the kettle and went through a renowned magazine while sipping the aromatic liquid from his cup. That magazine solely published the hunting adventures in the exotic jungles around the globe and it always served as an¬†injection of enthusiasm for this old man who had very less things to do during the day.

His daily routine was limited to buying supplies from the nearby mart, cooking and cleaning. Although he had a busy life before his retirement but now it was all that he had to deal with.

The old man slowly went through the pages until he swooped down the last sip of tea with a loud sound. While getting up from sofa he casually threw the magazine towards the empty table lying besides his bed. The magazine made a parabolic trajectory and swiftly rotated along its own axis until it perfectly landed on the side-table.

In the meanwhile the old man approached the window – completely ignoring the magazine. Whether the magazine perfectly landed on the table top or missed its target – he didn’t care. He pulled the curtain aside and pressed¬†his forehead on the cold windowpane. If his forehead were a thermometer it would have displayed 32 degrees¬†Fahrenheit. His gaze¬†patrolled¬†the street. His eyes kept moving like a pendulum from left to right and back to left but there wasn’t anything to catch his attention.

At the moment when old man was about to get bored of staring at the emptiness – a little dog entered the street. Probably the dog was hungry because his body trembled with every blow of wind. The old man decided to go downstairs and let the dog come inside.



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Long time ago there lived a king who feared his wife very much. One evening he felt curious whether his courtiers also fear their wives like him or not. He passed ¬†the message to all that those who fear their wives will sit on my right side and those who don’t fear their wives will be seated on the left side when they will come to the court tomorrow.

mod 2

Next morning, the king was quite amazed to see that only one courtier was sitting on his left side. The king looked at him with great envy and inquired him “So you are the only brave man in my court who does not fear his wife?” – the courtier sheepishly replied “Nay Nay Sire – I just sat on the left side because my wife ordered me to do so”

On listening this – everyone burst into a loud laughter and the king felt much relieved to know that he is not the only one who fears his wife.


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Tom lived a carefree life. Staying away from newspapers and television he relied on internet for information. These were his special arrangements to choose what he listens and see what he opts rather getting drowned in the sea of useless crap like other media junkies.

He was concerned about the unrest in the world,  violations of human rights equally disturbed him and he also felt sad for his inability to bring change. The thing that disturbed him most was the hypocrisy of mankind. The way men cheated their fellow men. He often thought that animals were far better lest they had power to think.  That gradually made him a pessimist about the world and he mostly chose to focus on his own life.

Whenever he got into discussions with mates he was found to keep such opinions that Rules and Rights were mere cobwebs for the weak, powerful can always get away; being spiders. Justice seemed a pseudo concept to him as he knew that criminals often get away through the net while innocents rot in solitary confinements. Justice can only be done on the day of judgement if there were any such day; he used to say at the end of such discussions.

Today he woke up from a strange dream.  The element of surprise and its perfect details totally baffled him.

It was dawn as he woke up in his dream and looked out of window. A metallic pipe slowly appeared from rooftop situated in east of his house. In few seconds it became obvious that it was a Tank’s barrel. That moment he felt so unsecured, he never considered any country or a force as his direct enemy but today when he found himself under direct threat his subconscious brought up a list of friends and foes and he anxiously waited to see¬† whether it was enemy’s Tank. He felt his throat drying and his mind swirled with the ideas of defense, attack, surrender, escape and what not.

Weaving adjourned

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