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When dull cold eves on a distant cottage

all of a sudden, turn warm and bright

Wretched tracks on my tiring way

start to beam and  glow with a light

Familiar shadows traverse my thoughts

as songs tickle the bored numb ears

My mind recalls the moments of joy

on the memory strip, your face appears

The yellow bird then reveals itself

and i watch it go as its only beholder

Colorful moths and elegant butterflies

come one by one and kiss my shoulder

Wherever i go, i earn some love

even on the bad days, i get respect

killer smiles and funny surprises

all the fun that one could expect

and i know why it happens

There’s a soul which makes it happen

gives me hope and keeps me strong

when i am in need, it holds my hand

and pulls me out, if i dive into wrong


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We think a lot, we talk a lot and our tongue keeps thrashing the benchmarks of eloquence, discussing any topic that crosses our mind. Bringing all the possibilities and impossibilities under the blade of our tongue, we keep babbling. Though words that really matter, the confident thoughts of taking actions which really mold our lives don’t cross our mind so often.

It has been observed that those gifted moments which can change the course of our lives are bestowed upon us when we are stressed. When you are confused or unsatisfied with a certain situation, it’s probable that you’ll use your energies to change it. That’s the way humans are designed to work.

We should be thankful to hard times and such moments that have compelled the human race to think and find a way out.  In a way those hardships have blessed the world with great ideas and inventions. Even the wise words of philosophers and thinkers that show us the light of hope in our painful times are the conclusions that they have reached after going through difficulties.

I agree that it’s easy to stand at the shore and tell the stories of storms and dangers of a voyage. As every suffering is different for a different person depending on particular circumstances. No doubt, when problems come to trap you they come well prepared. As if they have got a plan to make you suffer. They’ll catch you all of a sudden. No warnings. One would grab you from back; another would tie your hands so tight that your eyes would contract into a sum of crumbled lines but they won’t take a pity on you. The leader of the pack would sit on your chest with a vicious smile, whispering “How’s that”. Now it’s your turn to retaliate, how big that problem may be; i hope it won’t be hard for you to agree that after all we humans are the biggest problem. To fight back or accept defeat is all up to you.

As nothing lasts for ever, when you confront the problems bravely, sooner or later they pack up and run away leaving mere traces behind, blessing you  with a new lesson of life.

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why do people fall in love
why they suffer the pain
when they fall it hurts so bad
so why they fall again

Quagmires of doubt imbibe the head
and numerous questions; choke the brain
new hopes tread when old fall dead
like this we love and can’t refrain

if it is pure it will lift you up
as love is boon and not a bane
rise in love, friends! rise in love
love is peace, it should not strain

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