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Since many days I was feeling a strong urge to paint something.

Last week I spotted out some nice brushes at a shop but i wasn’t sure that they will work for me or not so i took their picture and consulted a friend who is a good painter. The expert’s opinion didn’t come quick however i was told that these sets of brushes are fine. I haven’t bought them yet.


Its late here and still the sleep is far away from my eyes so i gathered the old supplies from the cupboard and poured a few drops of water in the cap of a bottle to dab some colors on the paper.

Here is what the quick strokes of brush revealed.




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A sleepless night is a gift.

Even when you eat a heavy dinner and walk a couple of miles before going to bed – you are wide awake on your mattress. Your mind is active – thinking about a vast field of bright red poppy flowers – the way their soft petals shiver with the mild wind and the way they dazzle in the sunlight.

Your focus starts jumping from one thought to another – your moods change – your perceptions are put to a test and you are a student and a teacher at the same time.

You transform –  like a chameleon i would say.

You swing between light and darkness – that’s how powerful a sleepless night can be.

Brightness of moon and soft sparkles of stars fail to soothe your restless heart – then you turn to music and the lyrics reveal those underlying meanings which you had completely ignored before.

Your mind drifts from plans of giving a direction to helpless people to realizing that how helpless you are yourself.

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A state very dear to many. An act considered as a waste of time by some. A blessing, ubiquitously needed by all.


Pencil sketch.

Photo taken with Lumia 430

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