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It is an irony of human nature that while living in this world we come across some people who become so dear to us that we cannot spend a moment without them however a time comes when we keep on living without seeing them for years.


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Long time ago there lived a king who feared his wife very much. One evening he felt curious whether his courtiers also fear their wives like him or not. He passed  the message to all that those who fear their wives will sit on my right side and those who don’t fear their wives will be seated on the left side when they will come to the court tomorrow.

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Next morning, the king was quite amazed to see that only one courtier was sitting on his left side. The king looked at him with great envy and inquired him “So you are the only brave man in my court who does not fear his wife?” – the courtier sheepishly replied “Nay Nay Sire – I just sat on the left side because my wife ordered me to do so”

On listening this – everyone burst into a loud laughter and the king felt much relieved to know that he is not the only one who fears his wife.


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Don’t raise your eyebrow

if she has put less sugar in the tea

see in her eyes

she wants nothing more

except few words of love

in return

to her toil and selfless care

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