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I am standing on the crossroads of a thought process that i’ll try to share below in a generic way so that you may relate to it. I’ll be glad if it can be of any help in your pursuit towards enlightenment.

Ancient wisdom describes this world as “A wonderland” because when a baby comes to this world he is welcomed by the plethora of surprises and the world doesn’t cease to surprise this baby even when he turns into a grey-haired old man. We start our lives with a blank mind, record some information and events in it during the course of life and cease to exist when our heart stops pumping blood into our veins. To summarize it in a poetical way we can say that from dust we rise and to dust shall we return.

On the stage of this uncertain world, where we don’t choose our entrance and exit everyone tries to create some certainty because it helps a human being in easing his restlessness. To do so one has to interact with the universe. All we seek is scattered around us or lying within us. If we diligently pursue, we get what we truly seek. However if someone is doubtful; their restlessness will not go away even when they’ll get what they seek.

People try to connect with universe in various ways. These connections are highly governed by their needs. In the eyes of a hungry man, a serving of food would be the utmost connection he seeks until his hunger is pacified. However there is another interesting thing to ponder – sometimes it is difficult for us to identify what we need the most.

Apart from food, abode and other such basic necessities we seek something that is special. Something for our soul.

While basic necessities connect our body to the world around us, our soul needs a connection to acquire true peace. People follow various rituals, rules and procedures to connect their soul with the divine power of universe but nothing can truly help until they are ready to let go of the worldly desires or at least start preferring the happiness of soul over the happiness of body.

We all need to work on our souls and try to go forth in the journey towards peace without doubts. Everyone does so according to their level. We can’t force people to change their ways – we can’t force them let go of their doubts. However we can be kind and merciful to them by understanding their difficulty in overcoming a hurdle. We can help them too. Just as a tortoise would take a minute to traverse a speed breaker on the road; a hare would cross it in a single leap on the other hand – some of us need more time to deal with certain situations. What will happen if we start pressurizing a tortoise to start acting like a hare? A better option can be training the tortoise and putting our feet in the boots of poor tortoise to understand how much improvement can be achieved in reality.

Sometimes fixing a toy ends up breaking it for ever. Human soul is much more delicate than toys – it deserves more care and patience. Be kind and merciful to the restless souls around you and help them find their path towards eternal peace and happiness. If you can’t help – at least don’t harm anybody.


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It is an irony of human nature that while living in this world we come across some people who become so dear to us that we cannot spend a moment without them however a time comes when we keep on living without seeing them for years.

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I love the amazing panoramas here. I love the rich culture here.

We live in a Country which is so rich in music and poetry that i am sure there would be few who actually know what assets we have got to feel proud of.

For instance, Yesterday i came to know about a Pushto (A regional language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan) poet “Ghani khan”, I am not interested in the fact that he is a son of a political leader but i am really impressed by the vision he conveys in his poetry.

Here is a translation of few lines from his poem,

O river of beauty and radiance! Grant me a scintilla of light;
Grant me eyes full of laughter and lips full of delight.
For this minor heart of mine, I seek a beloved’s souvenir;
O river of beauty and radiance! Grant me a scintilla of light.

In one of his poem he asks a Moulvi(Priest); what is Heaven? Priest places his hand on his belly and replies that it is a place where good food will be served. Then the poet asks the priest’s disciple the same question, he says that it is a place where the pious people would be given Houris and beautiful servants. Then the poet says that i am not interested in all this, in fact i believe that a day lived on earth according to one’s own free will is far better than the Heaven which priests long for.

I am not that good in Pushto but i can easily say that Ghani stands out a staunch Pakhtun from the realm of his ecstasy, fantasy, wine, women and mirth when he reaches the cross road of his true identity.

“Margay de Raashi
Che kala ye wass wee
gul ba me laas ke wee
Ao yaa ba uss wee
Yaa ba topak wee
Yaa ba qalam wee
Doob ba khanda kee
Da dunya gham wee
Che sa me bakht wee
domra ba bass wee
Margay de raashi
Che kala ye wass wee.


Our land is gifted with natural resources but poor governance has made the life of a common person; miserable.

Poverty has snatched the glow from the beautiful faces.


I don’t want to go in details but when i see these pearls in the rough, i cowardly gasp and pass by with a heavy heart; i can’t look into their eyes.

Sceneries loose their charm and flowers cease to smile. Poetry looses its magic and words seem meaningless.

Sufferings and hardships of life invade my imagination and i feel as if i am fed up of beauty.

I have seen so many beautiful faces suffering the pangs of life that i am have lost interest in beauty.

Now I look for contented souls. They make me happy and they give me strength.


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these sketches are done at the back side of a question paper 🙂

the woman in the sketch is a classical Urdu singer from late sixties.

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kings and queens
noblemen and women
who hath their pride
like mountains high

whose servants
rushed; on a single command
and shuddered
when they enjoined


time has passed
and they breath no more
yet their stories live
as their dust
drifts with the wind
to east and west
north to south
preaching their tales
and mourning their loss

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Learning new things, adopting new trends and trying to update oneself is a good habit. You will never get bored if you have a knack of bringing positive changes to your life style.

There are certain things in our life which are inevitable but there are also many aspects which could be molded and modified.

Man is the master of his own fate 🙂

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