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I need some space

to hang my imperfections

just a little space

besides the dresses

that someone lovingly hangs in the cupboard

a space where i can hang my flaws

where i can tuck all my glitches

to wear them proudly one by one

before going out

every other day

without any fear

without regret

knowing that after all

somewhere i have got

a space for my imperfections


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Trapped in the nets of superstitions, locked in the metal hard cages of false fears-far from sanity- fanatic ghosts ride the minds of innocent people who follow the superficial beliefs and blindly perform the rituals. They loose their self, preferring mythologies over senses and endearing cult more than free will and even more than their lives.
A time comes when balloons of such beliefs burst and the sand castles of the grandeur of certain ideals topple down to reveal the truth.
The moment when moth touches the flame and its wings crumble with the heat as they catch fire- only then it realizes the worth of its devotion and the true value of its pursuit.

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