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At this moment it seems

There is nothing around

No moon, no sun, neither light nor darkness

And In the corridors of closed eyes

There is a shadow

That swirls round and round

To fuel a pain

That quietly rests in the pinkish flesh

Burning it slowly

emanating the blue smoke

That rises up in the thick branches of thoughts

To make it difficult for the dreams to breathe

as they stumble and cough

trying to exist

but to the utmost dismay

dying, moving out

one after another

until there’s nothing left behind

No animosity, no affection

Neither a relation nor connection

And my soul floats free

in the zero gravity

with no other choice but to admit the reality

That this moment is tough and lonesome

but whatever it is

It’s just a moment

like a paper boat – half soaked

riding the currents

same as trillions and trillions of the kind

that ride the chest of flowing time

to the isles of nothingness

So watch it go and collect yourself

and get up again

to run an extra mile



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like a pendulum
i swing
between you and rest of the world

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Pillars on the rocks

pillars in the sand

holding the bridges on their mighty shoulders

connecting the worlds separated by chasms

sign of strength

and mighty grandeur

pillars stand tall

and face the weathers

supporting the ceilings of grand cathedrals

witnessing the game of life

and the widening rift

between people and the lord




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Where do the cats go when it rains? I noticed that Birds, cats and stray dogs hide somewhere when it rains, i wonder where.

There would be secret hideouts where they find shelter but some unlucky ones could be found getting soaked in rain also.

If you find them looking for help, please open your doors and let them come in.

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To be above


A kite rose from that valley and kept on pulling the spool until it went high above the clouds to become almost invisible. The tension in the string showed that there is something at the other end, otherwise it wasn’t possible to see where it is. It was a pleasant Monsoon day, perfect for flying kites.

Sky was cloudy on that day. Monsoon is an unpredictable and surprising weather. You can’t sense the the next hour’s weather in general. The same happened that day as it started raining amidst my kite flying extravaganza.

The red spool got wet and filled my palms with color. They looked as if covered in blood. I moved under a shade. I knew that my kite won’t last longer in the rain. Its paper will get soaked in rain and the straws will come down to the ground in a few seconds. Though i let it fly to see how long it can fight for its existence. After some time rain stopped and to my surprise the tension in the string still existed. I started pulling the spool down. Soon the kite was clearly visible. To my surprise It was absolutely dry, fluttering in the breeze.

My kite flew above the clouds when it rained. 

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Cards were shuffledt and then five cards were distributed among each, four of us.


Was the color selected by my partner.

Eyes carefully searched the reddish zone of the 13 cards set under my thumb like spreaded feathers of Peacock ready to dance.

The game started and it was so fun to sit with interesting people, listening to local proverbs and words of wisdom throughout the play.

These days, i feel myself as a boat; drifting in the ocean of life, stopping by amazing islands and catching fish with my broken fishing rod 🙂 eating coconuts that come across my boat riding powerful currents.


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I have observed that when you find yourself in a situation where you can’t do anything, you either cry, or you simply burst into a loud laughter.

Today i sat in front of Tv, looking for a change. A drama highlighting the inner politics of a household was on air and two women were exchanging harsh sentences with da da da dun sort of playback music at the back to make the situation more grave. Now, you believe it or not, I bet that a pure Pakistani can’t ignore a fight. Whether it’s a fight in the office, in bazar, in a talk-show or drama, the curiosity compels us to leave our agendas aside and cherish the golden moments. Anyways, i was quite indulged in the drama that suddenly commercials replaced the enthralling performance. I appreciated the timing of transmission managers for bringing on the commercials at the maximum viewership moment. Usually i like commercials also. They are creative and often their punch lines are so catchy that even 60 years old kids got infected by their virus. This virus makes you hum the tone of a particular commercial all the day 😉 And their is no way out until you come across a better alternative.

I was expecting some good entertainment but to my utter disappointment appeared the face of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on the television. He looked into my eyes and said that his poor brothers and sisters are suffering and if there is any time to help Pakistan it is now. I burst into a hilarious laughter though i should have wept.

I really appreciate any small gesture that earns some relief for the people who are in distress at the moment but seeing son of the richest person in Pakistan begging local and foreign aid for his poor brothers and sisters (that is what he said) on public Tv channel in a really impressive british accent triggered a question in my mind.

If he really cares, which i am sure he does not, what the hell is he doing himself? Why doesn’t he let his own money loose? unfortunately he is just using the name of people in distress as an opportunity to broadcast a free campaign of his sympathetic and caring nature on the public TV.

How can a foreign donor be moved by the pleas of a richest person in the country, when he is not doing enough himself, for his own people whom he has also declared his poor brothers and sisters?

I don’t know whether my fellow countrymen think on these lines or not but i really wish that at least they should not ignore such matters which may affect their future.

When our pot bellied politicians babble about the endless problems that our sweet country is facing; and how they can’t sleep at night because they keep rubbing their ass to find solutions for these puzzles that were actually handed over to them by the previous governments, I feel that they are giving an impression as if few kids are playing with jig-saw puzzles and the code of the game is to disorder the pieces in the best possible way before challenging some one to arrange the in order. Or maybe the kids don’t have enough capabilities to solve the puzzle so they follow the easy way to blame the challenger for handing them nearly an impossible task.

i observe that some of these politicians are so good at acting that they can be awarded Oscars. I am not undermining the art of those actors who win this honorable achievement with their tireless hard work and powerful connections, in fact i am sure that if they find a chance to see some performances by our political heroes they’ll happily surrender to their abilities in the trade though some of the worthy eggs even lack the meager artistry of giving an impression that they really care.

Do we all, notice these things? or we are lost in a dream which is so occupying that we don’t want to open our eyes.

 who says, Scary dreams are not interesting?

Wishing a Happy slumber to Pakistanis, ADIOS

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