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I need some space

to hang my imperfections

just a little space

besides the dresses

that someone lovingly hangs in the cupboard

a space where i can hang my flaws

where i can tuck all my glitches

to wear them proudly one by one

before going out

every other day

without any fear

without regret

knowing that after all

somewhere i have got

a space for my imperfections


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3-4-2014 7-43-19 PM

There are some moments that fill you with happiness and suddenly life seems to be on the right track. Indeed we also encounter totally opposite situations which mar our morale however now I’ll ramble about good moments. A few days ago I was sitting beside a stream. It was around fifty feet wide at that place and there were tall dunes on the opposite bank. The stream was pretty deep at that place and it flowed without making any sound. Dunes in that place consist of sand and mud. Surprisingly they provide cozy shelter to numerous rock pigeons.

There were some pigeon holes visible from the place where I sat on the dry grass. These holes were deliberately made at such places which were almost impossible to approach from ground or top. I saw the pigeons coming out of holes however they didn’t return until I sat there.

Pigeons tried to make me realize that their home was some where around the top left edge of the dune or anywhere else but not that hole from where they emerged a few minutes ago. There were some holes near the top edge but I am sure they were just a disguise made by clever pigeons to misguide the curious followers. In short those pigeons were not interested in receiving unwanted guests at their doorsteps while they are spending time with their family.

Water was quiet and its flow soothed the mind. Occasionally fish jumped out of water with a loud splash and disappeared back in the water. I kept trying to catch the sight of red gold shine of scales on the surface of stream and believe me; you have to be very earnest to marvel that show. If you hear a splash and turn your neck to see the fish; you won’t see it. Remember that science lesson? “speed of light is greater than speed of sound”?:)

There were some magpies chirping and bobbing their tails. Some butterflies were busy in playing with wild flowers along the bank. A beautiful kingfisher graced my sight with an eager flight near the surface of water, ready to dive on its prey. Poor guy didn’t find anything to dive upon.

In the meanwhile a member of Eagle family entered the milieu, imposing its terror on the meek ones below, hawking around like an emperor. Birds stood still like statues and every little creature seemed to honor the grandeur of intruder. Someone has rightly said “Might is right”. There were tall grass scattered around the bank and some of the stems in grass looked thick enough to be used as javelin. I broke some stems from their base and piled them up in a suitable place. In that process i got my palms pierced with a lot of little thorns. It took me some minutes to get rid of them.

While taking out tiny thorns out of my palms I selected a clear patch to be used as track. After relieving my hands from thorns i started throwing improvised javelins towards the stream. Some fell in the stream; some flew better and landed on the other side. They looked really smart standing erect in the soggy sand. My plan was working up to my expectations and i was enjoying the whole thing. As I was going to take a run for another throw I heard some bells clinking in the necks of buffaloes. A shepherd with a troupe of ugly buffaloes was coming towards the stream. I thought that he’ll take me as a lunatic on seeing my exotic sport and i may land into a problematic situation. If a primitive had showed up instead of a modern world shepherd I would have been facing a pretty normal situation. Maybe he would have taught me how to throw the javelins like an ancient hunter. As that was not the case, I cancelled my next run; wore the cloak of sanity and started walking towards the road that will take me back to Jungle. Don’t you think we spend most of our time in a Jungle?

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